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The International exhibition for quarrying, processing and application of natural stone STONE INDUSTRY-2018 successfully took place on 3 — 6 April in Moscow, at VDNKH, Hall 75.

The exhibition was organized by EXPODESIGN MA LTD with the participation of the Association CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCINE (Italy) and HUMMEL GMBH (Germany) under support of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of Russia, Russian Union of Builders, Association of Builders of Russia, Russian Society of Construction Engineers, Russian Union of Architects, Union of Moscow Architects, Union of Designers of Moscow.

Since longtime the international exhibition STONE INDUSTRY (former title EXPOSTONE) has been the significant event at the stone market in Russia and worldwide. For the 19-th time the Exhibition gathered professionals that work in the field ofnatural stone and related tools, machinery and services, decision makers of construction companies, architects, interior, exterior and landscape designers, restorers and other specialistsfrom Russia, CIS and abroad.

STONE INDUSTRY-2018 was opened on the 3rd of April by the official representatives of State organizations, associations and unions — sponsors:Vladimir Bykov, Chief of Administration of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce of the Russian Federation, Boris Soshenko, Chairman of Trade Union of Builders of Russia, Andrey Chechetkin, Managing Director of Union of Designers of Moscow, Sunil Arora, Vice-President of the World Association of Natural Stone (WONASA) and others.

The international exhibition STONE INDUSTRY-2018 revealed the current state and main trends of developments of the stone industry in Russia:

1. Four years after the crisis following a sharp decline in energy prices which led to a significant decline in construction activity, the Russian market for natural stone now seems to have stabilized, though at a much lower level of demand.

2. In the new economic environment where the local currency, the ruble, is now much more weaker than before, the local industry has received a significant boost. Local stone being much cheaper now, has substituted imported stone in many applications. However, there seems to be shortage of processed local stone and import of semi-processed and processed stone and even blocks has increased in comparative terms.

3. The biggest application currently is in demand for kerbstones, this increase in demand coming mainly due to the government policy named «My Street» by which tens of thousands of kerbstones are being laid in Moscow and other cities of the vast country. As a consequence some local manufacturers of kerbstones have more than doubled their production capacities.

4. Investment in production enhancing machinery for slabs and tiles is no longer taking place. However, there seems to be some revival in investment in CNC and other machines used by stonemasons. The major Russian stone companies are doing much better than before, and also doing better than the smaller stone companies.

5. Russia has now become a price sensitive market when observed by outsiders, unlike the period before 2014 when price was a minor criteria in making decisions on use of natural stone. For the end consumers price, except in the luxury segment, price is now the main determining factor.

6. The stonemasons and other stone suppliers have observed that the design element has become much more simple now. Before there used to be many more colours of marble and granite in demand, of mosaics and incrustations, columns etc. Now, it is more of minimalism, white, grey, brown, book-matching, simple lines and clean slabs on walls.

7. Currently 5 new metro stations are in the construction stage in Moscow where both imported and local stone is expected to be used. More metro stations are planned in the future.

8. The increased demand for natural stone is now not as much in Moscow as in other cities of the country.

9. Imported stone continues to show a modest improvement in demand, though it is nowhere comparable to the pre-2014 period.

10. Artificial stone imported from other countries still holds a very small market share but its sales are increasing steadily.

Along with demonstration of the stone industry state and trends of development main goals of STONE INDUSTRY-2018 were to highlight the possibilities of natural stone application in city building, architecture, design and other fields, to display up-to-date machinery, equipment, tools, techniques and technologies for the natural stone processing and upon the whole to create the most favourable conditions for communication of professionals involved in the naturalstone extraction, processing and application.

The exhibition spanned the following subjects:

  • Equipment and technology for geological surveying of natural stone deposits.
  • Technology for deposits excavation. Equipment for uncovering works, blocks extraction and waste removal.
  • Technology and equipment for development of sand-gravels and loose stone deposits. Production of decorative chip stones, decorative sand and microcalcite.
  • Drilling-and-blasting works: techniques and equipment, accident prevention.
  • Stone processing machinery, equipment and technology.
  • Tools for stone processing — diamond, abrasive, carbide.
  • Dimensional stone, blocks and slabs.
  • Natural stone in architecture, landscape design, interior design and town-planning.
  • Technology and equipment for production of facing stone. Facing products out of natural stone and its wastes. Technologies and tools for facing works. Modern means for facing materials quality control.
  • Artworks, souvenirs, statuary art.
  • Grave monuments.
  • Maintenance, conservation & restoration of natural stone.
  • Chemicals for care & preservation of natural stone.
  • Architectural projects with application of natural stone.
  • Transportation of natural stone. Logistics.
  • Environment protection, reclamation.

Structure of STONE-INDUSTRY-2018 exhibitor activity:

232 companies from 18 countriesArmenia, Belarus, Brazil, China, Czechia, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Portugal, Russia, San-Marino, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan exhibited at the area of 7 000 m2.

The Russian companies made up 40% of the total exhibitors number. Companies from different regions of the country — Ural, North-West, Central and South region -were present.


Several Russian companies exhibited for the first time: among them are quarries (ZAO KASHINA GORA, YUZHNO-SOULTAEVSKY GRANITE QUARRY LLC) and stone processing factories (GABBRO LLC, FABRIKA KAMNYA LLC, KAREL STONE, KVARCIT LLC, SVETOGOR PCC, VORONEZHKAMEN LLC).

This year the Exhibition gathered twice more participants from the Ukraine. Most of them brought granite, gabbro and labradorite from Ukrainian quarries (GEO-INVEST LLC — red-black granite from Kapustino, QUANTA-LH PE — unique labradorite from Katerinovo as well as granite samples from almost all the Ukrainian quarries, DOBRYN LLC — red granite and gabbro, etc.). The others exhibited diamond tools (LITVIN CHP – KRAVCHENKO CHP, VD COMPANY).

The list of exhibitors always includes those from CIS countries: Armenia (OOO KARASTGH, OOO ORIENT STONE), Belarus (GONCHARIK PE, SANKY.BY, SVAROK-MASTER LLC), Uzbekistan (GAZALKENT GRANIT INVEST), Kazakhstan (KAZAKH MINING COMPANY).

The same as before the Exhibition included the National Pavilions of Italy (organized by the Association CONFINDUSTRIA MARMOMACCHINE), India and China and the exposition of companies — members of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF STONE MANUFACTURERS — WONASA.

STONE INDUSTRY-2018 offered its participants the unique opportunity to manifest all the variety and beauty of natural stone. The exposition included different kinds of marble: wonderful white marble from Koelga quarry (Ural),elegant beige pinkish and bluish marble from Dagestan (Caucasus),fine pale-yellow marble streaked with pink from Karelia (North of Russia) as well as beautiful marble from India, Italy, Iran, Spain and other countries. Granite formed the biggest part of the exposition- it was brought from quarries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, India, Finland, Brazil, China, South Africa, etc. Companies from Karelia showcased their own gabbro-diabase of specific intense black color. Exquisite travertine of various tints of the yellow color imported mostly from Armenia were «the cherry of the top» of the exposition.

Approximately half of participants displayed unworked stone, blocks and slabs as well as finished stone products (tiles for floors and facades, stone products for interior and exterior design, kerbstones etc.). Among them were the well-known Russian market leaders: BIRYUZA PLC, ZAO KOELGAMRAMOR, MANAGEMENT COMPANY VOZROZHDENIJE TRADE HOUSE LLC, OAO MINERALOVODSKY STONE WORKING PLANT, MINES DEPARTMENT PA VOZROZHDENIJE MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC, PETROMRAMOR LLC, RUSSIAN GRANITE LLC etc.

ARIA (Iran) presented fabulous gray-orange, beige and smoke-coloured onyx and traonyx applied for design of luxury interiors. BASALTINA SRL (Italy) demonstrated stone under BASALTINA trademark — this stone was used in construction of roads and monuments at the time of the Roman Empire, and nowadays was applied for construction of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and for other famous objects. The stand of MEGRAN (Montenegro) has been faced with beautiful light straw-coloured limestone extracted in the company own quarry in Danilovgrad. STONE WORLD EXCLUSIVE (India) besides marble and granite showed unique agate (AGATE BLU, AGATE COFFEE and AGATE CRYSTAL) and amethyst. MINES DEPARTMENT PA VOZROZHDENIJE MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC presented granite from a new quarry Kalguvara located in Karelia. XIAMEN DEYUAN PANMIN TRADING CO. LTD (China) brought to visitors' attention the quartz Panmin which combines natural beauty and high performance characteristics while used for floorings and table-tops. MÁRMOLES SERRAT (Spain) which participates in the Exhibition for the second time displayed its GRIS PULPIS marble — thanks to the large scale of gray colours this marble is perfectly combined with metal and aluminum and therefore is often used in modern style design.

Stone artworks imparted a particular beauty to the exposition. They were presented by RUSSIAN GRANITE, LLC (balusters, columns out of granite), GROTTA TRAVERTINE (mosaics, mantelpieces), PETROMRAMOR LLC (sculptures, mantelpieces, vases, fountains), XIAMEN CAPITAL IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD (China)(mosaics), XIAMEN KEVIN STONE CO., LTD (China) (mantelpieces, sculptures etc.). STONE INDUSTRY-2018 included the exposition of original sculptures created by Marina Alekseeva, member of the Moscow Union of Artists which were presented by the Union of Designers of Moscow.

The Exhibition showcased a great variety of grave-stones, produced by Russian and Chinese companies. Among the Russian ones — those from Moscow Region (GLOBAL STONE PRODUCTION AND TRADE GROUP OF COMPANIES, FABRIKA KAMNYA LLC) and a lot of firms from Karelia where gabbro-diabase is traditionally extracted: GABBRO LLC, GABBRO-COMFORT LLC, KAREL STONE, KARELIAN GABBRO-DIABASE LLC, KARELSKIYE MASTERSKIYE ООО, REAL-RK LLC, TRADE HOUSE TRADE GROUPP, LLC etc. The grave memorials of Chinese producers (XIAMEN STORY IMP AND EXP CO. LTD,XIAMENV TRUST IMP. & EXP. CO. LTD, QINGDAO HAISEN STONE CO. LTD etc.) made out of black gabbroid and Shanxi Black granite attracted a particular attention of buyers.

Quarrying equipment was displayed by leading Italian producers including MARINI QUARRIES GROUP (at the stand of BRUNEXPORT SRL) — drilling machines, diamond and rope installations, pneumatic and hydraulic hammers- and PELLEGRINI MECCANICA SPA (Italy) — diamond saw cutting machinery, row drilling machinery, bar cutters, hydraulic jacks. HUADA SUPERABRASIVE TOOL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD (China) presented wire saw machines, drilling machines, hydraulic jacks, horizontal core-boring machines, quarry saw blades machines etc. EXPERIMENTALNY ZAVOD NPO LLC (REZH city, Russia) — the unique producer of quarrying equipment in Russia and the permanent participant of the Exhibition since its establishment 19 years ago — offered drilling machines and stone-sawing strands. The producer of pneumatic drillers and other quarrying equipment from Portugal — OSM THE ART OF ENGINEERING — exhibited at STONE INDUSTRY for the first time.

EASYTECH, LLC (Russia) exhibited the lifting equipment for quarries and stone processing factories by LIFTSTYLE SRL (Italy). Hoisting appliances by ABACO-AUSAVINA (Vietnam), in particular, NGL clamps for slab transportation shown by ООО COMPANY ALMIR sparked big interest of visitors.

As always the exposition featured all novelties in the field of stone processing machines.

INTERMAC — DONATONI (Italy) and their Russian dealer YTA LLC presented innovative stone processing machines: multipurpose processing center Intermac Master 30, CNC bridge saw Donatoni Spin 625 CNCand the processing manually-operated center Ghines Group Systar Basic.

LIDTECH (Russia) offered visitors the stone-processing machines by EMMEDUE (San Marino) and MARMO MECCANICA (Italy): Emmedue CNC bridge saw Discovery 5 Axis CNC- a leap-ahead solution for natural and engineered stone cutting and the horizontal rectilinear edge dressing machine Marmo Meccanica LCH.

The list of novelties at the stand of OOO COMPANY ALMIR included the BIMACK self-moving remote control polishing machine and ACHILLI stone cutting floor-mounted and portable devices.

Actually all the leading Italian manufacturers of stone processing machinery were present at the Exhibition at their own stands (in addition to the above – BM SRL,BRETON SPA,BV-TECH SRL, MEC SRL, OMAG, PEDRINI SPA AD UNICO SOCIO, PRUSSIANI ENGINEERING, SIMEC SPA etc) or at stands of their local dealers – OOO COMPANY ALMIR, KAMI MACHINE TRADE ASSOCIATION, KPD-TECHNO LLC, SERVICE-STONE-NEVA, TECHNO-ULMA LLC. VSYO DLYA KAMNYA LLC.

The producer from Czech Republic GESTRA CZ displayed its own splitting machinery, HUMMEL GMBH ANTE ANLAGEN TECHNIK — machinery for stone extraction and processing made in Germany.

The Exhibition testified that the Chinese producers of stone processing machines boosted their representation at the Russian market. This year the unprecedented number of machinery producers from China exhibited at STONE INDUSTRY-2018 — among them CHANGSHA BAICHUAN SUPERHARD MATERIAL TOOLS CO. LTD (trademark TOOLSTAR), FUJIAN NAN'AN JULUN MACHINERY CO. LTD, FUJIAN SHENGDA MACHINERY CORPORATION, QUANZHOU DINOSAW MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, SHANDONG COLD RHINO HUAXING MACHINEY CO LTD.,XIAMEN AGA IMP. & EXP. CO. LTD etc.

The Exhibition showcased a number of laser and mill engraving machines made in Russia (DELK RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CENTER, MIRTELS LLC, RITMART LLC, SAUNO LLC, ООО SOFTELECTRONICS etc.) and China (XIAMEN CHIYI IMP & EXP CO. LTD, QUANZHOU JDK DIAMOND TOOLS CO LTD etc.).

A lot of exhibitors presented diamond and abrasive tools. First of all these are those from China (20 participants, among them — EZHOU BENEFIT DIAMOND TOOLS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, FUZHOU BONTAI DIAMOND TOOLS CO. LTD, HUADA SUPERABRASIVE TOOL TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, HUBEI EXIN DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD, MING DIAMOND TOOLS CO. LIMITED, QUANZHOU KEEN DIAMOND TOOL CO. LTD etc.) as well as from Italy — NICOLAI DIAMANT SRL, SUPER SELVA SRLetc. The exposition also included tools made in the Ukraine (VD COMPANY, DISTAR trademark at the stand of BILYK I.N. IE) and in South Korea (presented by dealers — SANKY (Belarus), ALMI LLC etc.)

Other types of the tools and devices were also exhibited. SPECIALINSERT SRL (Italy) — new participant of the Exhibition — displayed a wide range of fasteners, STONE-SERVICE-NEVA LLC — innovative CIT and MANZELLI grips for loading/unloading and transportation of slabs and plates.

Chemicals for stone maintenance and protection were shown mainly by Russian dealers of international companies. ARDEX RUSSIA demonstrated professional solutions for stone cleaning, protection and maintenance of the German premium class brand name LITHOFIN. STONE-SERVICE-NEVALLC — the official representative of TENAX in Russia — showed glues, mastics, resins, abrasives, surface treatment agents by this famous Italian producer, SERVIS KAMNYA GROUP OF COMPANIES exhibited glues, impregnating and polishing liquids by ILPA (Italy), OOO COMPANY ALMIR — chemicals by BELLINZONI (Italy) and AKEMI (Germany).

STONE INDUSTRY-2018 included a comprehensive Program of events targeted on the industry professionals.

The conference «RESTORATION WORKS WITH NATURAL STONE APPLICATION IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE STATE PROGRAM OF PRESERVATION OF THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF RUSSIA. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS», organized by Moscow Mining institute (MGI) within Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys National Research Technological University (NITUMISiS) took place just after the Exhibition opening.

WORLD ASSOCIATION OF STONE MANUFACTURERS (WONASA) hold the seminar «NATURAL STONE APPLICATION: LATEST NEWS» on creative uses of natural stone in architecture and design. The keynote «NEW FINISHES & TEXTURES IN NATURAL STONE» by Miguel Fabregues President of Vime (Spain) attracted a particular attention of attendees.

The Program of events included the seminars organized by ARCHDIALOGUE COMMUNICATION AND PR AGENCY: «Wow-effects produced by application of stone in the interior design. Review of global trends», «Grave errors of designers when applying natural stone in different areas», «Engineered stone in the interior design: advantages, downsides, opportunities and costs», «Combination of stone with other materials», «Installation of natural and engineered stone in interiors: mistakes by designers and corrections by builders» etc.